Sunday, May 31, 2009


Datpiff is alot more easier to Download and Listen to the Mixtape so here it Goes CRUISE CONTROL:WEEk.2 On datpiff Download and Listen to it

Friday, May 29, 2009

Its Here! Cruise Control: week.2!!!!!!


3:59 a.m .... CCw2.

You already SHnow lol this CCw2 Is in full effect dont worry it will be on & for tht !!!FREE!!! Download CCw2 in full Effect...

Send an email to the subscriber List on gmail( and you could get the mixtape 2 days before it comes out which would be a Monday or Tuesday Gett your weekend started early feel me?


and your song will be in the newest weekly edition to Cruise Control



Thursday, May 28, 2009

KanYe West - Paranoid

Rihanna has came back with the CUM back if you shnow wht i mean lol.. First the Flicks now her looking ever so Lovely in this kanYe vid.. im not mad lol

Cruise Control Week.2 will be out later on tonight be in tuned

Sunday, May 24, 2009


If you would like your song to be in Next weeks edition of "Cruise Control" send an email with the subject saying "Cruise Control" and we will send a email back letting you know if it'll be on there


-If you want a song on the next mixtape just send it to in the subject Cruise Control

"Cruise Control Week.1" Promo Video

"Huge Heffner"- Heir*Roy

Thanks Again For everybodys time.


Saturday, May 23, 2009

The New Boyz From Cali !!!

The New Boyz from California got this dance called Jerkin' got everybody going crazy and they teamed up with DJ Skee who seems to be on the Grind with all these new videos

"IMA JERk... I know" lol

- Stevie B.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Its Here! Cruise Control: week.1


Download Mixtape | Provided by

[URL=]Cruise Control - 60.00MB[/URL]

Whttup Everybody! This is the new weekly mixtape from the Heir$ Entitled
"Cruise Control". It has a very versatile tracklist with 19 songs that you
can just chill & Ride around to, So check that out, Listen and download it.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Jim Documentary Everyone got they eyes open??

Whats Rockinn its Heir$ Chaos Theres alot goin on wit me on the chaotic side Heirs 2 Da Throne The Life Money By Any Meens the motto M Gang shouts 2 them but i sit back.. when i get home from the studio or bizness meetings and i dont wanna wach cartoons or espn i wanna see how the last man (pause) did his thing keep the bizness in my mind goin.. This Chaotic Vision For you what im wachin currently Enjoy and expect the heir$ Come up 2 Be crazzyy H'z Heir$$$ M Ganggg

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Rollin'- Heir*Roy

"Optimistic" the mixtape coming soooonn!!!!

Hear Heir*Roy's music at

-If you have a Blogspot become a Follower to the Blog(

-If you on Subscribe(Youtube.Com/HeirTV).
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Trust this week We will have !N E W! content in each area from new videos on Youtube.Com/HeirTV to New Songs on and we also be keeping all the Fans&Supporters posted on what we got coming up next for everybody.

"Heir$ To Da Throne"

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Monday, May 4, 2009

Swine Flu Doesn’t Stop Sneakerheads

Rain, shine, sleet, or snow sneakerheads will weather any imaginable storm for a quick fix, but what about crowding in public for hours while your city is under lock down because of a pandemic?

This was the scene this weekend outside of the Nike Sportswear store in Mexico City as a line formed for the release of the Nike Air Yeezydespite the spread of the Swine Flu.

Is there anything a sneaker addict WON’T do for shoes?

Crazy how ppl love there kicks. I mean I love kicks to but dam def not taking that risk smh lol

Supra TK Society Terry Kennedy Pro Model

For a brief time last week the TK Society was available for pre-order online, Supra has finally set the date on the release of the Terry Kennedy Pro Model.

For those of you wondering how to rock the Supra TK Society, Supra has dropped a peek at a recent photo shoot of Terry Kennedy, as well as hi-res shots of both the purple suede and black and red perforated colorups. Terry Kennedy will be making a tour across country from California to New York making stops along the way to drop the TK Society at select Supra Footwear retailers. Dates and locations are not set yet, but once they are we will have the info for you.

The real question is, will the TK Society or the Skytop II be the higher of the two?

Wassup With IPHONE????WTF

Not going to lie, I saw a lot of crazy IPhone apps but this is by far the most shocking one. just look for yourself I'm speechless haha

Aston Martin One-77

Wassup yall, Heir$ BoOgZ back at it again and i want to show you the next car that im about to get.............. HAHA na im playin but yo this car looks sexy as hell and im not even into cars like that but this car rite here is sick. You will see me in this some time soon ;~)


Days Of Our Lives- Juelz Santana

I Bullshit You Not- Busta Rhymes

HEIR BOOGZ SPEAKING an I Bullshit You not this mixtape is crazy.  If you aint got it get it, if you dont like it love it anyway.  I got mine at ( get yours... Personally the best song on the mixtape is "Director's Cut"  ft. Uncle Murder. I fucks with this mixtape Busta HEIRED SHIT OUT



Above is some of the making of DJ Webstar's "Dancing on Me" which features our very own Jim Jones & Juelz Santana. The shoot took place last Monday & check back for the full version on Dipinthemix very soon. There's a lot of dancing going on you guys like the look of it so far?

Respect My Swagg Vol.1(Presidential Stillz Mixtape)

Mixtape Mixtape Mixtape one of many from stillz he got like 3 of these loaded up shouts 2 him man workin hard MGANG
Money By Any Meens The original niggas b4 Banks started swagg jackin. My homie been doin this for a long time i told you i got youu.. Heirs Up Show love, and Subway 2 Stardom is still loaded wit more muzik comen killin the underground Heir Chaos Brings 2 the Heirs Respect My Swagg Volume One featured its verys own Stillz.. Holla at me if you lookin for new tracks facebooks interviews and bookins Lets get it enjoy. or act like you dont eazy..

Sunday, May 3, 2009

"Cruise Control" New Weekly Mixtape!!!

this "Cruise Control" Mixtape is one of our newest products coming straight for the fan's pleasure. The Weekly mixtape will have a tracklist of about 15 songs of the hottest songs that week or an old song that we thought was a must to hear again. if you have a song you want to submit to put on there so when we put it out people can hear it so send it in with the subject "Cruise Control" and an attachment of the song.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

"Showtime Production"

the man behind the music "ShowTime"has started his Soundclick Account and wanted everybody who is wondering who does our beats to get in-touch with him if you are trying to workout some music. Listen to his beats he got Hits if you want beats hit up ( or ( with the subject ShowTime Production