Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Ghost Of Rich Porter

What up 2 the O.G Jimmy what up fam.. Keep grinding you know we got the ghost of rich porter in rotation.. and in our wallets ..

Heir Tre

Joell Back At It Again.. -BEAST-

Again x amount of bars of lyrical slaughter.. Alota Respect for this man right here True MC take it back 2 hip hop... i wont say no more turn the speakers up tell your homie shut up and take notes.. Enjoy...

Heir Tre

J-Cole Shuttin it down S.O.Bs

Shuttin it down.. iv been bumpin dude since his first tape.. glad 2 see people come around and make it... Hip Hop is looking great for the future

Heir Tre

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Tight Rope

Iv herd alot aboutt Brother ALi Albino hip hop artist this is the 2nd thing i herd from him just downloaded a mixtape.. havent herd it yet.. but im feeling this.. what yall think????

Heir Tre

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Curren$y Audio Dope Part II

Audio Dope.. speaks for it self.. wrap this up stick this in ya gums and go make that rent and buy money..

Heir Tre

Nikki Wray - Why Cant I Forget Him

Nikki Wray one of the greatest voices i ever herd.. you can hear the room go silent and just listen.. Goose bumps come into play and getting lost in a trance tends 2 happen.. then the song stops.. and the only words you can say.. Wow.. loll i sware i wouldnt lie.. When she recoreded this.. first time i eever herd her voice live.. something i wont ever forget.. so i bring 2 youuu the first song i ever herd her sing live.. the video not the actual live part lol.. here you go.. Enjoy

Heir Tre

Curren$y Breakfast

Something about Curren$y that he just sounds great on everything.(pause) i hate 2 compare artist kuz there nothing alike.. but he has that steady rock that jay had the way jay could hop on a rnb song and sound like jay.. Spitta can hop on any track deliver his msg with out the compromise of his brand.. JETSS..

Heir Tre

Sweat Box-- Wiz Khalifa

shouts 2 the homie wiz khalifa killing this track whenever he comes 2 new york he always got something crazy 2 lay down.. toss them paper plains 2 this one. shouts 2 the big Doobiee

Heir Tre


COOL KIDS, We was with the cool kids that whole weekend real humble down 2 earth dudes. That just wanna shop buy fly shit and make great muzik.. Cool Kids has mixtapes under there belt with some big DJs if you not aware just stop listenen 2 hip hop and go buy something from best buy.. They teamed up with stalley on this one makeing a hip hop classic..

Heir Tre


First time i seen this i was in the dojo with the flu and i was still laughin and feeling it.. the notorious beard.. Stalley video S.T.A.L.L.E.Y.. Enjoy Congrats 2 the brotha stalley on a hugee come up in the dojo keep working fam.. keep makeing that real muzik. Hip Hop heads are gonna love this

Heir Tre

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Classic $pitta

Shouts 2 the big homie Curren$y.. I felt like taken it back 2 years or so.. JETS...

Something for fun...

Heir Tre

Monday, March 15, 2010

New Talent - First Look Into Young Fam Heir$ Gang

MIND YOU HE'S 16.. better then artist 21 doing this for a decade.. these young kids that come around and write with people older then them evolve wayy faster.. Keep grinding Su Millz. Trust You Will Make It.. Heirs To Da Throne

Heir Tre

Sunday, March 14, 2010


Ever since Spitta Moved up 2 new york hes been on a 24 7 grind shooting movies videos working on a number of mixtapes with Dame Dash and Ski Beats.. Waching him work is like a movie in it self.. ski choppin up sounds and you'll spitta from up stares "WHAT IS THAT" he'd come down stares ski add some keys 2 it spitta says "no no its good like that" which gives spitta that classic sound. He knows what hes looking for.. AND with his original creative metaphors from another planet and smooth delivery (PAUSE) its safe 2 say the underground has been waiting for the match up between Dame and Spitta.. If money ruled the world.. Its no surprise that its all Eyes On Curren$y..


Heir Tre

Joel Freestyle At Enuff Show..

Joell Ortiz Monsterrr.. What else could i say about this beast.. shouts 2 Slaughterhouse

Heir Tre

Nissan Honda Chevy Jim Jones-Joell Ortiz

Made it into a lil movie, as soon as i herd this i liked it.. we all cant buy them beamer bens bently shit.. and even half them rappers cant either.. But i had that honda accord first whip hittin them turns like it was a lambo loll.. with the middle peace that would open for that 9 2 5 beater pause.. lol Nissan Honda Chevy..

Heir Tre

Monday, March 8, 2010

Cory Gunz Newwest Member 2 Young Money

Shouts 2 cory gunz bronx homie on the come up i respect that.. cory been underground for a minute he deserves this come up.. keep grinding fam

Heir Tre

Friday, March 5, 2010

Vizzy XV Fall Out The Sky

XV- "The Kid With The Green Backpack" [EPK] (Press) from XV on Vimeo.

Put you on 2 something i bump 2.. shouts 2 XV i see what you doing fam i fucks with you

Heir$ Tre...
lol trippyy

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Drop The World

Behind the sceans look at drop the world... Video looking kinda crazy.. Wayne taken full advantige of these chain of lucky events keeping out of jail.

Heir Tre

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Joell Ortiz: Science For You

I respect this mans lyrics and hustle wise words..

Heir Tre

Whats Beef?

Crazy story i was kinda sick about how he was talkn about big.. but its an old beef.. Live and let live.. Rest In Peace Biggie Smalls

Heir Tre