Sunday, June 28, 2009


Crazy just talkn about it the other day and there it iss Laserss... Looking foward 2 the album... It speaks for it self..
Again another crazy set up for an album.. Mad scientist

Monday, June 22, 2009

Saigon A Change Gone Come

HEIR$$$ CHAO$$$$, Dont forget the comma sign
showing love 2 artist that deserve it Saigon what it izz that true storyyyy was retarrrtedddddd ill post that next.. Dig this tho
new track call Change Gone Come.. Hip Hop startedd out in the parkk holla

Friday, June 19, 2009



WHATS Rockinnn
Shouts 2 Game Rebellion a All black Rock Band from BROOKLYNN.. Its crazy i met this du when he was on the come up he 
was my Trainer Mixed Martial arts and all that and he passed me a mixed tape with like 4 tracks 3 of them being heavy rock..
One was called trapped which is up there i was like 13 or 14 and 2 months latter hes on tour in England or something euro..
I recently went out 2 BK last year chilled wittem and he layed down a new track called kid rock star which i got cant post tho
and itss crazyyyyyy.. Spoke 2 him 2day figured id show some love enjoy... i might leak that kid rock star joint tho stay tuned..

Heir$$$ Chao$$$,


Jim Plays It Cool Some one Throws something on stage

Jim didnt go crazy on'em like normal figured id show jim holdn his composure since they always show 
him puttin someone on blast.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Jim Jones Ft Sen City A Million/ Jim Jones Documentary Chapter 5

Jim Jones A Million Ft Sen City Link off the Kanye track from 808s but well known as successful by Drake.. Remixed By Jim into A Million

(Download There and listen)

Heir$$$ Chao$$$,

Deaded The Beef Wit Jim.. So Here Dont Need Love

Im feeling this one got his own sound own flow im not mad heart felt track he did it justice shouts 2 L.E.S

HEIR$$$ CHAO$$$,

dont forget the comma sign

More bull shit being Thrown at Obama.. Time 2 Make Some Noise

For anyone that really thinks that this doesn't happen Iv herd that we'r not in the civil war days.. True we'r not But we'r in 2009
the fags that feel that way arent cowards behind white sheets any more there in the police force and in the white house.
Running News shows News Papers.. Wach them the way cointelpro wached us.. and if you dont know what cointelpro is look
up J edger Hoover.. but im outtt.

Dont forgeth the Comma sign

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

20 On It

Get it Jim.. I got 20 on me.. Bird Gang HEIR GANG Shouts 2 the other half of the fleet.. See the wings behind the crownn ??


M1 From Dead Prez Beefing with Asher Roth??

Dead Prez Some Revolutionary artist from the south which have made, hip hop, fuck the police, mind sex, they schools.. and a whole list
M1 says his thoughts on Asher Roth.

Monday, June 15, 2009



D.O.A.... or A P P????

I dont know what to say about this just i dont want to hear no body voice mail in auto tune..((Pleaseee))

Heir$ Chao$$$, Dont forget the comma sign

Always Strapped Lil Wayne

Alwayyss strappedd when I hitt the clubb.. Is crackk HEIR$ CHAO$$$, Dont forget the comma signnnnn H'zzz

Friday, June 12, 2009

Linkin Park

Whatz Rockinn Heir$ Chao$$$, here bringin some rock 2 the page some new Linkin Park i see this some how gotta be mashed up wit
that kid cudi joint he made that they thru in for the trailer i think its only rightt how bout yall???

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Gladiator - NOE

my G Jonah shot this NOE video we just showing love... He also did the HEIRTIME teaser he a beast withh the Cam you already snow

Get it in Ohio - Neako

NEAKO! Neako straight outta JERSEY remade the "Get It In Ohio" beat & spit over it, he killed it soo just Watch the video & support him

Whyy Not??

You already Snow


Tuesday, June 9, 2009


[URL=]No - 67.33MB[/URL]

3rd Mixtape "No Promotion" will be available for download on

Download & Listen to Support us and our Movement

The mixtape is a good listen DOWNLOAD & LISTEN for yourself

Thanks for your time

- Heir$
"Heir$ To Da Throne"


Monday, June 8, 2009

Street Dreamers

Iv been writen and skaten since i was 8 and this movie right here seems like the real story of what a street skater goes thru.. I was doing it b4 lupe's kick push
im not follower i skated because unlike gay sports (ima get hated on for that) you dont need no one its all on self it becomes a meditation an excape
but at the same time theres more then i can say that you go thru just trying 2 do something to help you excape from shit.. But thats why a movie is comen
out about it P-Rod no homo jermey rodgers both killed it in the forecast video and both ride for plan b and always shut it down im looking foward 2 the movie..


Heir$ Chao$ dont forget the comma sign



Out wednesday

Heaven At Night Kid Cudi

Video Provided by

Respect 2 the du considering his sound is different from anything iv herd and to bring that to any one is a huge risk.. Speaking of that i bumped into him at universal when i was in the offices he was walking around the offices singin dayy and nighhtt lol shouts 2 him.

Heir$ CHao$$$,

dont forget the comma sign

Underground Over The System

For underground over the system im gonna feature a artist thats underground but i feel should be more main stream.. 
But still get bread and make good music which makes them Underground Over The System..

dont forget da comma sign

Sunday, June 7, 2009


TALENT is spelled with a few letters but can not be measured in words you feel me.. But since we are constrained to our vocabulary
im gonna have 2 say this young man is TALENTED.. Jo-A keep doing ya thing

HEIR$ CHAO$$$, Dont forget the comma sign H'zz

Drake talks about his music acting history and if he has wrote for wayne

Not a new interview not a new interview but i hear alot of the same question ideas that drake wrote for wayne so maybe from him people can finally SHUTTTUPPP.. or maybe wayne payed him enough???


I dont knowwww what 2 say on this... But She still sexy 2 me

Heir$ Chao$$$,

(Dont Forget the comma sign)


Crazyy lil video shouts MGMT doing they thinggg... Let me know if any body willin 2 flip this for me contact

DONT Forget the comma sign

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Southern Gold

Some crazzy feel 2 thiiss.. I was just at Uni (Universal Motown) yesterday in a meeting there showing crazy love 4 me and stillz with his movement and my home Heirs 2 Da Throne.Shouts 2 Motown.. a small mixtape 4 ya.. Track 6 Uni Artist.. Vibe witt me Rock witt mee.. H'zz

-Heir$ Chao$$, dont forget the comma sign

Thank Godd its a female this time

Shee called out C tho?? Naa C would kill her but i wanna see Cs response feel mee??

New Swagg

Heir'$ Chao$$, always add the comma sign felt it was time for a make over Hzz

Chaotic Radio

Somethingss i got playing

its Heir$ Chao$$$, always add da comma signnn H'zzz

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Joe Budden on Method Mans Response And on Busta Rhymes

Its Heir$ Chaos bringin just that 2 the page Joe budden saying how he feel about method man and busta rhymes..
He says he's running away from the "door" and i couldnt disagree. But everyone should know Joe Budden is known
for saying shit that pisses people off thats what he does.. But Wach the Interview comment your feelings if ya have any

Monday, June 1, 2009

Pole in my Basement- Bow Wow

Now i Dont really fuck with Bow Wow but then again i Listen to everything & this Joint is alright my brova Su-Millz put me on to This one...

- Stevie B.

Simba- J.Cole

SpaceShip- GLC

one of KanYe's Best EVER but however its only GLCs part... its Straight though atleast they came out with a video