Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Whats good everyone its Heir$ Chaos Lettin everyone know theres now an album in the works we got our producer ski for those who dont know who ski is wach the quick video

Now you see who our producers are let me explain why a album now.. For one Money, the album isnt going to go big thats not what the Heirs are intending 2 do we are actually doing it juss for the singles because then we can tour and hit stage where the moneys at. Right now album is in the blueprint alota head planning but i got ski number so beleav whatever i hear and whatever moves get made the best place 2 look will b right here WWW.HEIRSTODATHRONE.COM if its not in ya favorites get it there HEIR$ CHAO$

Jim Album Signing

Theres roomers going around Jim and cam are speaking again and that theres a chance of another DIPSET ALBUM however is cam going 2 b apart of it or is cam going 2 play the side lines??? Well i can tell the truth on some roomers and the first im going 2 say is yes jim and cam have spoken and did bring up the Dipset Album BUT (pause) I can not tell you if cam wants 2 b apart of it other then his name being the affiliation of it.. Dipset being the original fam lets do how jim said lets Pray IV Reign.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Back To The Lyrics and Back in time for a min

Find more videos like this on FNF Army

Theres not tomany artist i really respect it seems like everybody talks about the same thing.. And People that do try to make messages do it in a dull way wont hold your attention and arent to lyrical they remain literal however Lupe is subliminal which to me is crazy considering his topics.. And seeing the art and the gift it takes to do so something like that i know is crazy.. And I understand that he may want to retier. But Still i think that if your gonna make music make it for those thatll listen and everyone else can pay you no mind.. But I can be here all day with this so ill let you try to decode this song. Shouts to Lupe Fiasco one of the most under rated artist and unappreciated artist in the industry. One more Thing theres alot of roomers going along that he may not retier and he may not release LUPE.N.D (E.verywhere N.o where D.own here) and continue with his muzik which Im hopen for.. Shouts 2 Lupe Lookin foward to the album

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Heir$ Chao$

Pray IV Reign


JIM JONES new album PRAY IV REIGN comes out today. Best album of 2009 until he drops his next album. GO COP the album and cop one for you, your moms, dads, grandmoms, aunties, uncles, boyfriends and girlsfriends..... Just go get the album. PRAY IV REIGN IN STORES NOW

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Wayne Playin Prom Queen

wHatz Rockin Its Heir$ 2 Da Throne Very OWN HEIR$ CHAO$
Now i cant front i didnt think wayne could really play the guitar but after this he may not be the jimi hendrex and im sure real guitar players would hate but.. But Right now he does his thing he can play better me i dont know about you but he get my approval on the guitar status...

Saturday, March 14, 2009

M.B.A.M New leak and comments 2 past bloggers

Famous - Stillz

Muzik Speak for its self HEIR CHAOS Whats good 2 my obama stillz keep grindin fam i feel thiss onee... And one more thing whoever said never drake fans.. (And 2 heir Stevie B the young heir him self).. juss wach Real Recognize Real.. Stillz iz a real artist wit real talent and a real grind.. Im not hatten on drake i fu*ks wittem but theres things drake is limited 2 that stillz isnt.. drake been doing this for a few years along with the 2 year gap imbatween comeback season and so far gone.. and stillz only been grindin hard for this muzik a little over a year..Progress in his muzik is gonna be ground braken.. keep bloggin im open for any question any statments if you want exclusives and maybe even a sample of the jim track comen soon juss holla at me HEIR$ CHAO$ eazzzy

BDK: The Big Daddy Kane Story

everybody take 16 mins out of your time and watch this. this is the BDK documentry because of this man most of is here now because of this man. PAY HOMAGE

-Steviie B

"who's Jim Jones" ??

Alright now i was watching this video in disapointment seeing that Diplomats can't get together anymore. thats sad because i was in the car the other night listen to this CD and the dips had HITS straight HITS just bumping. but it is what it is. Heir$ next up

-Steviie B.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Heir$ 2 Da Throne Very Own Heir Chao$ Presents Money By Any Meens


-Heir$ Chao$-

Whats good everybody. Bout 2 bring it back 2 Bronx Where it started at shouts 2 my manz Stillz doin his thing along with Trigg They comen hard body pause. We taken everybodys fans wit this mixtape. The mix tape SUBWAY 2 STARDOM IS COMEING SOON!!
str8 Fire NEW YORK IS TAKEN OVER THE GAME AGAIN. No one Is as Young and is as hungry as M.B.A.M which is the main reason why i brought them thru 2 our movement Heir$ 2 Da Throne You gonna b seeing alot more of these 2 artist. We have a Photo Shoot for the Cover Of Subway 2 Stardom 2day. The Muzik is finished Wach History B made..

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Jim Jones Curses Out Hotel Security & Manager In ATL!

My OBAMA Jim Jones......... One disrespectful dude. HAHAHAHAHA. Your man said "You A Fagget too. Coming down here like you going to do something" smh funny dude


Cam'ron - "I Got It For Cheap" Prelude (The Bakery Part 2)

Cam is making a comeback...

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Red Apples Falling

Whatz Rockin itz Heir$ Chao$ digg this one

Red Apples Falling

Along With Jim Jones Documentary being released soon. Theres also a Byrd Gang Movie also in the makeing in the final stages and Real Talk iv watched it and its poppin. Get 2 see what Byrd Gang Gotta Say about police in the hood there drive there feelings towards the hood and a small background story of Each member. Worth Wachin KEEP YA EYES OPEN. wit that said Shouts 2 Byrd Gang, Skull Gang, 730

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Greedy Genius

-Heir Chao$-
GnS Shoes i fucks wit these, Get ya fitted game right you crush it crazy. Its not about the next thing out who got what its about what niggas aint got yet or dont know about. Get ya swagg right

-Heir Chao$-
I got the all black and royal blue joints but THIS SHIT RIGHT HERE NIGGA THIS SHIT RIGHT HEREEE is ill i fucks wit these some levis and a blac label T or whatever ya swagg. Got a Remember everybody get ya swagg b an individual stopp swagg jackin..


Serius Jones presents Life is Serius[The Movie]

Serius Jones presents Life is Serius[The Movie] from IrunsNY on Vimeo.


This is a nice little peace Jones did. At first i thought Jones was just a od nice battle rapper, but now i see he can act kinda. What I really like is that this is just like "Streets Is Watching" or "Killa Season" and this is a great way to get yourself out there. Whoever told Jones or if this was his idea, was smart for doing that cause that could make a artist hot. Also, its his life so thanks for bring me into the Life Of Serius Jones. Keep doing your thing Serius Jones


Sunday, March 8, 2009

Rick Ross- Deeper Than Rap

According to Rick Ross, his Deeper Than Rap album — set to drop April 21 — will be his hip-hop "inauguration." The LP, originally slated for a March 24 release, has been pushed back a month. Ross and his reps recently released a bit more info on the project, supplying us with collabos and song titles, MTV reports.

"Valley of Death" features Mary J. Blige, while The-Dream's go-to guy, producer Tricky Stewart, supplied the beat for "All I Want." Other beat men on the LP include the Runner, who wrote tracks for "Boss' Lady," "In Cold Blood" and "Laid Back," and Drumma Boy, who helmed "Face." The J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League — the team behind many tracks on Ross' previous albums — produced "Maybach Music, Pt. 2," which features Lil Wayne and Kanye West. The League's handiwork can also be heard on "Rich Off Cocaine" and "Yacht Club." Nas also has a cameo on "Usual Suspects."

The Boss is also planning a mini-tour of New York this spring, the first stop being in 50 Cent's home borough of Queens.

"We got something coming up real soon," Ross told us recently. "We're having a big concert in New York City. The money I make will go to underprivileged kids — some of the orphans. I'm starting in Queens, then I'm going to the Bronx, then I'm going to Brooklyn, then I'm stopping in Harlem, then I'm going to 305 [Miami]. Real people do real things."

Ross' label, Def Jam, does not have the official dates for these stops as of yet.

Even if Rick Ross is a cop, idc i like music and I'm def going to get that album

Pitbull - Calle Ocho

New Pitbull video... Song is crazy in the club


Jim Jones Na Na NaNa Na Na Video Shoot | OutTakes

You already know NA NA NaNa Na Na Jim Jones new single is a hit and now he is making a video for it. HipHopStan was there taping an yea the got me so watch


Sunday, March 1, 2009


Alright so if you've been following the myspace(www.myspace.com/HeirsToDaThrone) you might of heard our artist Retro do a song with our Obamas the SpaceBoyz to do a song called "Leaders of the New School". "Leaders of the New School" was posted on a website called WhosNextOnline.com and we are trying to get as many plays as possible because by a certain date the numbers get racked in and the one with the most plays get a spot to perform at Hot 97's Summer Jam so it would be apperciated if you would show love & support on the website and give it as many plays as possible. thanks

"Heir$ To Da Throne"

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