Friday, February 26, 2010

$pitta and the homie Stally

Killed it smh curren$y and stally crazy team.. Need i say more silents is goldn let it play..................

Heir Tre

Thursday, February 18, 2010

How 2 Make It In America

Now I normally hate shows like this i dont wach entourage never seen the show over in jerz I dont really like reality shows.. BUTT this takes place in New York and anything 2 do with New York is good for me.. So I saw the first episode it was iight a little laugh here and there and I can relate. Anybody in the city can with a dream can..There trying 2 stay out of "whack world".. So i guess that means everybody in the city can relate..(big city of dreams) But by no means Dont let me decide for you.. the first episode leaked 2 the net a day or 2 b4 it air'd so do your Homework and find it wach and enjoy..

Heir Tre

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Other Trey

Thats crazy I dont know if you peeped she went in for the kiss and trey turned his head thats a good dude he couldnt stop her but he showed respect 2 home girls man thats when you leave her fam.. time 2 gooooooooo

Heir Tre

Tyga & Brisco

Didnt see this collab comen.. Im not trying 2 look like no Double O Agent with that wach tho.. sorryy guyyyyssss lmao whats you is you tho..

Heir Tre

WIZ KHALIFA- Cabin Fever

What up 2 the doobie Wiz Khalifa.. Killed it

-Heir Tre-

Diamond Teeth A Blessing???

Still didnt answer my question of if there takeing them out but it looks like they might not be. 2 me would be weird 2 have in rykers my personal opion.. Not just weird but unsafe. But im sure by now they have waynes protection set up and everything of that matter.. But I guess we have 2 wait and see.

Heir Tre

Drake's New Single?? Over???

As you should know drake has been haveing some problems with nameing his first single.. By nameing I mean picking one however its looking like he got one called "Over" if i herd right.. Even Thru Drakes Huge success I ask a question that was asked 2 me.. Will his Album (Thank Me Latter)Be a Hit or a Classic?

Heir Tre

Is This Cover Really Appropriate

There was a huge controversy when maddonna's was on a cross in the beginning of her show. Now Lil Wayne has this cover.. Will it be a problem? Because I know the church is really sensitive about things like this.. Soon they'll be calling wayne the anti christ or something with all these maison and illuminati conspiracy.. 2 rest everyones nervs im sure he didnt pick the cover just incase you are a religious freak.. Soo if you are dont commit the sin of judgeing another person. Only who?? can do that??.. Let me know what you think of the mixtape i havent herd it yet

Heir Tre

Jay-Z.. Excuse? Or Purpose? You decide

Is this a form of hateing, or is it really his opion? Is what he saying an excuse or is it his purpose. Since my opion on the topic maybe bias.. I ask you Excuse? Or Purpose? You decide..

Heir Tre

Monday, February 15, 2010

Karma Is A Menice

40 Glocc been running around running up on people jumpin them takeing there chains being all over worldstarr showing off saying these artist are fake there not real..
Well now heres some1 from black wallstreet from compton running down on 40.. what happens next is anyones guess.. but menice doesnt seem 2 want anything less then a man so im sure itll be on worldstarr sooner or latter...

Heir Tre

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Tears Of A Sad Clown??

I personaly forgive him, because that is what was taught to me.. 2 forgive that is.. However just because you cry on stage.. Does not change what you said (or ment). is it a big deal? yes it is.. For the time being, untill some1 else says it and some1 else will.. but the best way i can put it if you feel that way.. Leave the country.. The President is Black its a new day its 2010 grudges is 09 so like I said "I forgive him." at the time he should of been punched his mouth "play your posistion" kinda thing same for anyone else. like if some1 was 2 call all women a B*tch or a hoe your mom should be there 2 go up side your head real quick. understand?? but whats in the past is in the past...

~Heir Tre~

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Change Takes Time

Sarah Pailin has no right 2 EVER STATE HER opion considering her IQ is one of a dead lab rat. Someone said i shouldnt state my political opions but why else would someone blog??? Sarah Pailin will never be able 2 have a political debate with any possible candidate. Aside from jokeing on Mrs Pailin.. Ill say maybe if we all supported Obama the way they all supported the idiot George bush who has done nothing but put us into a serious depression recession and almost an all time low as a naition that we could be seeing change much faster.. But like anything worth anything it takes Time. So I ask for your patience and like Mrs Obama said your faith, Because Change Takes Time..

~Heir Tre~

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Politics & Bull$hit

Heirs 2 Da Throne Politics & Bull$hit The Fam.. The Movement

Heir Tre

Friday, February 5, 2010

Apply Pressure 2

New cassidy mixtape I herd it i like it cassidy was gone for a while.. This was the best way 2 come back.
Heir Tre


it has been a while since we hit you off with anything alots been going on but wer back im back in the studio working on my new tape.. ill start recording soon.. We had a crazyy successful drop with Heir Dash mixtape Script 2 my Instrumental and a even crazier 4 day str8 going party.. Dash is back from vacation hes back 2 work.. so since i spend my day by computers looking and listening 2 new beats why not talk 2 the bloggisphere right.. So ima start it off with. Welcome 2 the new year..