Thursday, January 8, 2009


January 5, 2009 --

EMBATTLED hip-hopper Damon Dash is counting on his son, Boogie, to carry on the family name. The 18-year-old protégé debuted his deejay skills at The Plumm on New Year's Eve. After spraying revelers with champagne, Boogie told some of the partiers that he just finished an album with his new group the Heir$, titled, "Heir$ to the Throne." He then accepted a weekly gig at the 14th Street club. Let's just hope he learns to pay his taxes on time.

Courtesy of the New York Post Newspaper


Anonymous said...

I guess its time you get a job seeing how your dad is going broke

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Anonymous said...

i am glad u're doing ur thing boog. i remember when u were lil in all the ROC videos. i always wondered who that lil kid was. glad u're not sitting on ya computer talking about all the parties and events u attend not doing shit w/ ya life. like aaron reid. if that's ya friend, then sorry for dissing him, but the truth is the truth.