Thursday, February 11, 2010

Tears Of A Sad Clown??

I personaly forgive him, because that is what was taught to me.. 2 forgive that is.. However just because you cry on stage.. Does not change what you said (or ment). is it a big deal? yes it is.. For the time being, untill some1 else says it and some1 else will.. but the best way i can put it if you feel that way.. Leave the country.. The President is Black its a new day its 2010 grudges is 09 so like I said "I forgive him." at the time he should of been punched his mouth "play your posistion" kinda thing same for anyone else. like if some1 was 2 call all women a B*tch or a hoe your mom should be there 2 go up side your head real quick. understand?? but whats in the past is in the past...

~Heir Tre~

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