Friday, March 27, 2009

Back To The Lyrics and Back in time for a min

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Theres not tomany artist i really respect it seems like everybody talks about the same thing.. And People that do try to make messages do it in a dull way wont hold your attention and arent to lyrical they remain literal however Lupe is subliminal which to me is crazy considering his topics.. And seeing the art and the gift it takes to do so something like that i know is crazy.. And I understand that he may want to retier. But Still i think that if your gonna make music make it for those thatll listen and everyone else can pay you no mind.. But I can be here all day with this so ill let you try to decode this song. Shouts to Lupe Fiasco one of the most under rated artist and unappreciated artist in the industry. One more Thing theres alot of roomers going along that he may not retier and he may not release LUPE.N.D (E.verywhere N.o where D.own here) and continue with his muzik which Im hopen for.. Shouts 2 Lupe Lookin foward to the album

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