Saturday, March 14, 2009

M.B.A.M New leak and comments 2 past bloggers

Famous - Stillz

Muzik Speak for its self HEIR CHAOS Whats good 2 my obama stillz keep grindin fam i feel thiss onee... And one more thing whoever said never drake fans.. (And 2 heir Stevie B the young heir him self).. juss wach Real Recognize Real.. Stillz iz a real artist wit real talent and a real grind.. Im not hatten on drake i fu*ks wittem but theres things drake is limited 2 that stillz isnt.. drake been doing this for a few years along with the 2 year gap imbatween comeback season and so far gone.. and stillz only been grindin hard for this muzik a little over a year..Progress in his muzik is gonna be ground braken.. keep bloggin im open for any question any statments if you want exclusives and maybe even a sample of the jim track comen soon juss holla at me HEIR$ CHAO$ eazzzy


Anonymous said...

Stillz is nice but you are wack. You should quit rap, and never pick up a mic again. Your embaressing your last name.

Anonymous said...

Chaoss i see you doing your thing stills is nice i feel u.. fuck the fags ahaha. you kno the hood fuck witcha ya music fam ahaha.. that first love remind me of that i used 2 love her shit by common. when that subway 2 stadom hittin stay up my nigga..

"chris brown the game juss batter her"

Anonymous said...

yo chaos how it b.. ya myspace is crazy wit that boondocks shit niggas did wach it songs is dope 2 put them shits up here


Juicy said...

hey cuzzo wats good...i hear u doin ya thing.....u and trigg need to keep bringin dem hits...let da world noe how niggas do it in da bronx...real talk